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A social enterprise of healthcare innovators who are leading ultrasound interventions in their local communities.
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Grand Challenge

Global mission to reduce the maternal mortality rate by 2030 through ultrasound education.

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Breaking barriers to ultrasound education and certification through financial aid for students.
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Grant-supported projects advancing global access to ultrasound technology.

Student Scholarships

At the Inteleos Foundation, we’re committed to democratizing ultrasound education and certification. We believe that by offering financial support to emerging practitioners, we can overcome the barriers to advance healthcare in underrepresented regions. Our Student Scholarships are specifically designed for ambitious students, residents, and recent graduates eager to master ultrasound technology and make a meaningful impact in patient care worldwide.

We’re now accepting applications for our 2024 application through July 31st, 2024.

Apply for a 2024 Scholarship

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What if…

Every healthcare student had the equipment, training, and mentorship needed to save lives?

Scholarship Program Highlights

Scholarships Awarded

on every continent across 47 different nations, including Somalia, Libya, Peru, and Pakistan in 2023.



who contributed in 2023, to increase the number of scholarships available for ultrasound students.

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Scholarship Eligbility Criteria

To be eligible for the Inteleos Foundation Scholarship Program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Healthcare Provider: Applicants must be actively working toward a career as a healthcare provider, such as a sonographer, nurse practitioner, or physician.
  • Financial Need: Applicants must demonstrate a financial need for assistance in pursuing ultrasound training and/or certification.
  • Commitment to Ultrasound Proficiency: Applicants must show a strong commitment to enhancing their ultrasound skills and incorporating ultrasound into their clinical practice.
  • Readiness for Certification: Applicants should be recent graduates or residents of a formalized ultrasound training program, prepared to implement ultrasound within their practice setting upon completion of their certification.
  • Verification of Credentials: Applicants must be willing to provide their resume, CV, and/or LinkedIn profile for verification of their credentials. A reference will also be required from your ultrasound training program.
  • Geographical Focus: Special consideration will be given to applicants from limited-resourced environments and underserved communities.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: The Inteleos Foundation encourages applications from individuals of diverse backgrounds and is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in healthcare.

Support a Scholar

In a world where healthcare disparities persist, the power to make a difference is in our hands. By sponsoring a scholar, you’re not just funding education; you’re investing in a future where accessible, high-quality healthcare is a reality for all. Your contribution directly supports promising individuals who are on the path to becoming the healthcare leaders of tomorrow.

The Impact of Your Sponsorship

  • Empower Emerging Talent: Your sponsorship helps break down financial barriers, enabling talented students and professionals to access cutting-edge ultrasound training and certification.
  • Drive Healthcare Innovation: With your support, scholars can develop the skills necessary to implement innovative diagnostic and treatment techniques in their communities.
  • Foster Global Health Equity: Together, we can build a network of skilled ultrasound practitioners around the world, improving patient outcomes and contributing to the global movement for healthcare equity.
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Kelechi Adioha, Nigeria
Inteleos Foundation Scholar 2023

The scholarship to receive ARDMS certification will give me credible recognition as a healthcare provider, both in my country and globally. Recently, there has been an acute shortage of radiologists and sonographers, which leaves the teeming population at the mercy of healthcare professionals who may have knowledge of sonography, but do not have a credential to support it. Some unsuspecting patients may not be aware of the fact that they are being attended to by someone who is not credentialed, while others will refuse being attended to by such individual. With a scholarship to achieve the ARDMS certification, my patients would have full confidence in my abilities.

One of the biggest constraints to getting credentialled, especially in Nigeria where the value of the Naira is plummeting against the dollar, is financial. It isan uphill task gathering funds to take the certification exams. That is why the scholarship is so important for community health workers around the world.

So far, with my ultrasound education, I have been able to teach my junior residents some skills which have come in handy in emergency situations.

I am so excited to receive a scholarship and get certified by the ARDMS because it gives me a sense of belonging and recognition by a foremost sonography certification body.

Kelechi Adioha, Nigeria
Inteleos Foundation Scholar 2023

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