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Imaging for Impact Accelerator

A social enterprise of healthcare innovators who are leading ultrasound interventions in their local communities.
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Grand Challenge

Global mission to reduce the maternal mortality rate by 2030 through ultrasound education.

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Breaking barriers to ultrasound education and certification through financial aid for students.
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Grant-supported projects advancing global access to ultrasound technology.

Imaging for Impact Accelerator

The Imaging for Impact Accelerator empowers dedicated professionals as ambassadors to bring Ultrasoundtraining and certification to healthcare providers worldwide.

Our goal is to improve patient care and outcomes by integrating Ultrasound into clinical practice across diverse environments, from bustling cities to remote villages.

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What IF...

What if…

Every nation had advocates to advance their healthcare systems through research and innovation?​

Ambassadors in Numbers

The purpose of the Imaing for Impact Accelerator is to engage local health leaders in under-resourced environments to foster a network of entrepreneurs who focus on designing projects to advance health outcomes in their communities, both locally and nationally.

Our ambassadors are local leaders and health entrepreneurs who are designing ultrasound enabled projects to advance health outcomes in their communities.

We have clinicians representing health systems from 19 nations around the world.


Unique Solutions
Each Ambassador is designing and driving ultrasound interventions specific to the needs of their local community, to scale throughout their nation.

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Invest In People, Not Just Programs

Your direct donation to our ambassadors empowers them to make meaningful changes in their health systems. By supporting these dedicated leaders, you are investing in transforming lives and driving positive impact in driving impact at the community level. Join us in making a tangible difference by donating directly to our ambassadors educational programs.

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Featured Success Story

Hearts & Health: Ultrasound Outreach in Brazil

Bringing advanced healthcare directly to the heart of Brazil, the ‘Hearts & Health: Ultrasound Outreach’ program marked a monumental step forward in our global health efforts. Over the course of two enriching weeks, our passionate team collaborated with local medical professionals to provide comprehensive Ultrasound training, consultations, and essential medical evaluations to underserved communities.
Thanks to the tireless work of our clinicians and the warm embrace of the local healthcare providers, we were not only able to conduct over 700 ultrasound scans but also equip the local medical team with the skills necessary to continue this vital work. The program fostered a spirit of unity, learning, and healthcare advancement that transcended borders.
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Recent Success Stories

Join us as an Ambassador

Are you a clinician with a passion for ultrasound with a vision to implement a new solution in your own healthcare community? Express your interest in becoming an Ambassador and share your ideas for transforming patient care. Your unique skills and commitment can drive impactful change. Reach out now to discover how you can play a pivotal role in creating a healthier, more equitable world.
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