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A social enterprise of healthcare innovators who are leading ultrasound interventions in their local communities.
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Grand Challenge

Global mission for ultrasound proficiency and certification by 2030.

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Breaking barriers in ultrasound education with financial aid for students.
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Grant-supported projects advancing global access to ultrasound technology.

Diverse Donation Options For Supporting Our Vital Work

When you donate to the Inteleos Foundation, you’re directly impacting the advancement of medical imaging proficiency, empowering healthcare providers, and promoting equitable access to quality care worldwide. Your support catalyzes positive change in healthcare, ensuring every contribution counts towards building a healthier future for all.
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Thank You For Your Support

We live in a world where only 19% of lower and middle income countries have access to proper diagnosis tools. Too many health systems rely on limited, outdated diagnostic technologies—leading to misdiagnosis and missed diagnoses and stealing millions of lives every year. But this could be avoided.

With your help, we are able to provide comprehensive training, mentorship, and equipment to increase job creation and drive healthcare workforce development. With your support, we can empower social entrepreneurs to lead local interventions in their communities and change their national health systems at scale. Through your investment, we can offer scholarships and grants to clinicians who are ready and eager to elevate their careers and implement innovative imaging solutions.

Many people don’t realize that ultrasound use has evolved far beyond the well-known maternal health use-case. Ultrasound spans every specialty, aiding in the diagnosis of infectious disease, organ failure, broken bones, cancers, aneurysms—you name it. With the increased portability and affordability of ultrasound, we believe that every health worker everywhere should have this lifesaving modality in their clinical toolkit.

Every provider equipped with ultrasound is a patient saved. We hope you’ll join us in this opportunity to transform global healthcare.

In Health,

Samantha Forcum,
Director of the Foundation