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A social enterprise of healthcare innovators who are leading ultrasound interventions in their local communities.
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Grand Challenge

Global mission to reduce the maternal mortality rate by 2030 through ultrasound education.

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Breaking barriers to ultrasound education and certification through financial aid for students.
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Grant-supported projects advancing global access to ultrasound technology.


MedMissions aims to revolutionize healthcare practices across the globe by ensuring vital imaging technologies like Ultrasound are accessible to all.

Each year, we offer modest grants to organizations poised to lead this change, with applications opening in January and project selections made by April. It’s more than a program—it’s a global movement towards equitable healthcare.

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Mexico Ultrasound In Action
What IF...

What if…

Every healthcare team had the opportunity to scale their impact through partnership, financial support, and technical assistance?

Support Our Next MedMission: 
Your Donation Makes a Difference

Every contribution to our MedMission fund brings us one step closer to launching our next life-saving mission. Even the smallest donation can help us achieve our goal. Together, let's make the next MedMission a reality and transform healthcare one ultrasound at a time.

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All donations are tax-deductible, and donors will be included in our Annual Giving Celebration.
MedMissions Program Goal

Ultrasound stands at the forefront of transforming healthcare by providing rapid, reliable, and non-invasive diagnostics to communities where traditional imaging is beyond reach. It’s not just about technology—it’s about bringing hope and saving lives where timely care is crucial. Through ultrasound, healthcare professionals can diagnose and manage conditions effectively at the patient’s bedside, enhancing patient outcomes significantly.

Our Mission and Your Impact

The Inteleos Foundation is dedicated to proliferating ultrasound across the globe, particularly in underserved areas, through our specialized MedMissions. These missions are made viable through donations that help fund ultrasound training and equipment, and through collaborative project proposals from healthcare organizations around the world.

Support and Share

Donate to Fund the Next Mission
Your donation empowers our missions, equipping clinicians with ultrasound for better care worldwide. Every dollar expands our impact.

Propose a Project
Got an ultrasound project idea? Share it with us! 
We’re looking for collaborative initiatives to enhance global healthcare.

MedMissions Around the World

From rural clinics to bustling cities, MedMissions bridge critical gaps in healthcare through ultrasound technology.

So far, we’ve raised over $50,000 in aid. Through MedMissions, we are ensuring that ultrasound reaches all corners of the globe.

Past MedMissions
MedMissions Kenya: Student Training Program with Nyagi

MedMissions Kenya: Student Training Program with Nyagi

The UltrasoundCertification AcademyTM exists to provide healthcare practitioners the opportunity to participate in its mission of ensuring the highest Ultrasound standards in global healthcare and patient safety. This drive to see healthcare around the world develop...

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Apply for our Next MedMission

We welcome proposals from health-centered organizations passionate about integrating ultrasound for better patient care.

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This Is Where You Come In

Your generosity has the power to save lives, shape futures, and drive global change. There are so many ways that you can support the Inteleos Foundation and help us in our mission to advance healthcare.
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