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Imaging for Impact Accelerator

A social enterprise of healthcare innovators who are leading ultrasound interventions in their local communities.
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Grand Challenge

Global mission to reduce the maternal mortality rate by 2030 through ultrasound education.

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Breaking barriers to ultrasound education and certification through financial aid for students.
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Grant-supported projects advancing global access to ultrasound technology.

Our Programs

Elevate your career with our Student Scholarships, developed to alleviate financial barriers for emerging ultrasound professionals that are preparing for certification.

Our Imaging for Impact Accelerator is a social enterprise that drives system change through local leadership, with healthcare Ambassadors that implement innovative interventions in over 20 nations.
Check out our Grand Challenge, a collective commitment to vastly improve maternal-fetal health outcomes through cross-sector coordination and collaboration by 2030.

Through an annual grant, our MedMissions are led by local nonprofit organizations with big plans to change their healthcare community through ultrasound.

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Imaging for Impact Accelerator

The Imaging for Impact Accelerator initiative embodies our dedication to making a significant impact on global healthcare. By identifying and nurturing dedicated professionals, we transform them into ambassadors of change. These ambassadors are tasked with a critical mission: to spread the knowledge and application of Ultrasoundtraining and certification across the globe. By integrating Ultrasound into clinical practice universally, from bustling urban centers to isolated regions, we enhance patient care and outcomes significantly.

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Young healthcare students learning hands-on ultrasound techniques in seminar setting


Believing firmly in the power of education to transform healthcare, the Inteleos Foundation actively works to democratize ultrasound education and certification. Our scholarship program focuses on providing financial support to emerging practitioners, especially those from underrepresented regions. We target ambitious students, residents, and recent graduates enthusiastic about mastering ultrasound technology. Our aim? To cultivate a new generation of healthcare professionals capable of leveraging ultrasound to make a meaningful difference in patient care worldwide.

Ultrasound Proficiency Grand Challenge

The Inteleos Foundation is focused on addressing disparities in global healthcare through collaboration and coordination of the public and private sectors.


Our Current Grand Challenge in Kenya

The Ultrasound Proficiency Grand Challenge is targeting maternal fetal health in Kenya due to the high maternal mortality rates, which stand at 342 deaths per 100,000 births, representing approximately 0.02% of the female population. Our strategy is to to develop a specialized curriculum designed to train and equip skilled birth attendants and clinical officers with ultrasound in both rural and urban environments, which will be driven by local clinical leadership in Kenya. This training will help in reducing the daily death toll and work towards the goal of decreasing maternal and fetal morbidity by 10% within five years.

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Female clinician using ultrasound technology to scan another womans neck


MedMissions represents our stride towards practical healthcare revolutionization. This program targets holistic healthcare improvements by ensuring crucial imaging technologies, like Ultrasound (Ultrasound), become accessible to healthcare organizations globally. Through MedMissions, we award modest grants to organizations poised to lead this transformative change, turning the promise of equitable healthcare into a reality.

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